Bullying is very difficult for children, or anyone, to deal with. It makes you feel afraid and degraded and often low self-esteem follows. Unfortunately, bullying also makes you withdraw – you don’t want to go out because you are afraid you might see the person bullying you. It gets into your mind and you start to question everything that you do.

BULLYING IS UNACCEPTABLE and may consist of some of the following:

  • People calling you names
  • Making things up to get you into trouble
  • Hitting, pinching, biting, pushing and shoving
  • Taking things away from you
  • Damaging your belongings
  • Stealing your money
  • Taking your friends away from you
  • Spreading rumours
  • Threats and intimidation

What to do if you are being bullied

You have to tell someone. You may not want to do this because it means showing that you are vulnerable, that you are letting someone get the better of you. But really, it is very important to tell someone otherwise, it may not stop. Speak to a friend, parent, brother or sister, uncle or aunt and most importantly, if it happens at school, speak to your teacher.
In the meantime..

  • Try to stay in safe areas of the school at break and lunchtime where there are plenty of other people. Bullies don’t like witnesses. If you are hurt at school, tell matron or a teacher immediately and ask for it to be written down. Make sure you tell your parents.
  • On the school bus, try to sit near the driver, or if it’s an ordinary bus, by other adults. If you have to walk part of the way, and you’re afraid of being ambushed, then vary your route, try to leave home and school a bit later or a bit earlier, or see if you can walk with other people who live near you, even if they’re older or younger.
  • If you have a cell phone, be careful who you give your number to. If you receive threatening phone calls or emails then tell your parents. It is a criminal offence to send offensive or threatening phone messages and if it continues, it can also amount to harassment. The police can, and do, take action.
  • If you see anyone else being bullied at your school, please tell someone about it. But don’t get into trouble with the bullies, do it discreetly by telling a teacher when you get an opportunity and won’t be overheard. People who are being bullied need friends so if you can help someone who is so unhappy please do so.

Information partly sourced from www.bullying.co.uk

If you are a bully

Bullying could be as a result of being bullied yourself. Are you bullying because it makes you feel powerful? Are you the kingpin because you are liked or because people are scared of you?

If you are bullying, think about how it would make you feel if people were making fun of you, harassing you or stealing your lunch money? I am sure that it would make you feel awful – afraid and alone. You are probably already aware that what you are doing is wrong. If that is true, then take the first step to stopping your behaviour. Ask yourself:

  • What made me start bullying?
  • Why do I pick on people?
  • How does it make me feel when I am bullying somebody?

If I want to, how do I stop? If you are uncertain about what happens after you stop bullying, then speak to someone – a parent, a friend, a teacher – someone you trust not to judge you. Remember that this behaviour is UNACCEPTABLE but everyone is entitled to a SECOND CHANCE.

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