Here are a few wish list items from the various Childline Regional Offices. If you are able to assist in any way, please contact that regional office directly by going to our Contact Us page.

We thank you for your consideration.

Childline National Office

  • Heater for the reception area
  • 20 Office Chairs
  • 3 X Air hand dryer
  • Urn
  • 2-seater couch for a waiting area
  • Items for Comfort Packs at TCCs
    • For Adults
      • Drawstring bag to put the following items
        • Sanitary pads Stayfree
        • Roll on- Nivea
        • Colgate Toothpaste
        • Toothbrush any brand
        • Bath soap Protex
        • Face cloth any brand
        • Small Vaseline Blue seal
    • For Children
      • Drawstring bag to put the following items
        • Roll on shield
        • Colgate toothpaste
        • Toothbrush any brand
        • Bath soap Protex 50g
        • Face cloth any brand
        • Small Vaseline Blue Seal
        • Soft Toy for both girls and boys

Contact Childline SA on [email protected]

Childline Eastern Cape

  • Soup 10 kg
  • Bread 14 loaves of brown bread
  • Party packs for the children and toys

Contact Childline Eastern Cape on [email protected]

Childline Free State (Bloemfontein)

  • Clothing
  • Comfy pack supplies: Sanitary towels, face cloth, deodorant, toothpaste, tooth brush, soap, lotion, toy, snack /sweet
  • Food: Tinned food, rice, pasta, flower, maize meal, sun flower oil, soup mix, curry, Bisto, jam, peanut butter
  • Baby needs: Aqueous cream, baby soap, baby shampoo, dummies, bottles, wash cloths, sunlight soap, Formula (Infacare 1 & 3), Cerelac, Purity

Contact Childline Free State on [email protected]

Childline Gauteng

  • A detailed Wish List for Childline Gauteng may be found here

Contact Childline Gauteng on [email protected]

Childline KwaZulu Natal

  • Blinds for all offices
  • Offices Chairs x 10
  • Landscaping for all two of our offices
  • Toys for both our playrooms
  • Anatomical Dolls for social workers (16)
  • Pressure Cleaning of our Roofs and Paving
  • Fridge for our helpline offices

Contact Childline KZN on [email protected] 

Childline Mpumalanga

  • Groceries for food parcels
  • Fruits and Snacks
  • Sanitary pads,
  • Reading books
  • Coloring books for child play therapy
  • Blankets
  • School Uniforms

Contact Childline Mpumalanga on [email protected]

Childline North West

  • Clothing
  • Household items
  • Items for Gardening

Contact Childline North West on [email protected]

Childline Western Cape

  • Weet Bix
  • Corn flakes
  • Milk
  • Two-minute noodles
  • Jungle Oats bars
  • Liqui-fruit juice
  • A printing of our logo on the front boundary wall of our office.
  • A mural painting on another section of the front boundary wall.
  • An inverter as alternative power during load shedding.
  • An architect to design and draw plans for a more effective way of using our building.
  • Staff wellness activities for our staff such as massages, manicures, pedicures, etc.

Contact Childline Western Cape on [email protected] or [email protected]