Outdoor Obstacle Course

Holiday activity ideas for parents and their children by Childline South Africa.

No priority should be placed above the time and care we give to our children. Spend your holiday dedicating enough time with each child whether it be through crafts, showing them how to cook, out door activities or even reading them a story. This time is precious and these young years should be cherished. Childline South Africa is here to help our youth and their parents, we wish you a happy holiday and festive season.



1st  Round – Sack race

  • Start off with a 10 metre sack race
  • Each child will need one sack/pillow case
  • Place a finish line 10 metres from the start point
  • The aim is to finish the race while in the sack hopping to the end


2nd Round – Egg in spoon

  • Each child will need an egg and a spoon
  • The aim is run 10 metres with the egg on the spoon and not to drop it

* You can use the same 10 metre area where the sack race was, so place the spoon and egg at the finish line of the sack race and they can start there as soon as they are done with round one


3rd Round – Blow up the balloon

  • Each child is to blow up a balloon and tie it (a parent can help them tie it)


4th Round – Fill the cup with water

  • At a little filling station on a table
  • Place a bucket of water and some plastic cups and spoons
  • Children need to each take a spoon and use it to take water from the bucket and pour it into the cup as many times until the cup is filled to the top


5th Round – Throw the ball into the can

  • Place two Y shaped sticks into the ground and place a large stick balancing in the Y sticks to make a beam. On that beam tie multiple empty tins.
  • The aim of the game is to throw a ball/small bean bag into the tin from 2 metres away.
  • The first one to do so, wins the games.

*Remember to keep hydrated when outdoors by drinking water regularly.


Please note: To set up the obstacle course, ask an adult or older sibling to assist you.