Mpumulanga Child Protection Events

ACTIVITY: Awareness on GBV
TARGET SASSI: 200 children
TARGET OTHER: 200 adults
INPUT: 10 Social Workers will facilitate 01 hour workshops on gender based violence at 08 sites and 02 from the provincial office. DSD and SAPS will be invited to partake during the activities. CLSA curriculum and legislature on GBV will be utilised during the meetings.
OUTPUT: Children and women will be capacitated with information about GBV. SAPS will be invited as stakeholders and cases of domestic violence will be reported.

ACTIVITY: CLMPU employees awareness on GBV
TARGET OTHER: Staff members
INPUT: The PSS manager will offer a presentation on GBV to CLMPU staff members during staff meetings. CLSA workshop materials and legislature relevant to domestic violence will be utilised during the sessions.
OUTPUT: It is imperative for staff members to be capacitated with knowledge about GBV, and self-protection skills, and to motivate employees to report GBV to SAPS.

ACTIVITY: Awareness raising through media presentations
TARGET OTHER: Communities
INPUT: 02 sessions will be offered at two radio stations, Munghana Lonene and Ligwalagwala fm, on GBV
OUTPUT: Communities will be empowered with GBV information and skilled to protect themselves. Listeners will be given an opportunity to ask questions at the end of each presentation.

ACTIVITY: Strengthening families by building on Parenting skills worshop.
TARGET OTHER: 40 adult
INPUT: 4 coordinators will be training parents to acquire parenting skills within the following curriculum: Understanding behaviour, Understanding feelings, Building children’s self-esteem, Assertiveness and engaging co-operation, Discipline, Problem-solving, values and family meetings. Supporting these parents and care givers in a groups session once per quarter with the same targeted group, linking to social workers..
OUTPUT: 40 skilled parents and care givers to improve their parenting skills and ensure children already at risk because of their parents health, HIV and Aids and vulnerability, will grow up in a healthy more supportive environment.