Finger Print Christmas Card

Holiday activity ideas for parents and their children by Childline South Africa.

No priority should be placed above the time and care we give to our children. Spend your holiday dedicating enough time with each child whether it be through crafts, showing them how to cook, out door activities or even reading them a story. This time is precious and these young years should be cherished. Childline South Africa is here to help our youth and their parents, we wish you a happy holiday and festive season.


With Christmas around the corner, why not save on buying generic cards and make your very own special one for a loved one.

You will need:

  • 6 colorful paints
  • Tissue to wipe your fingers clean
  • A white card paper
  • A black marker

How too:

  • Fold paper/card in half
  • On the front of the paper/card place your thumb into the paint and place onto the paper
  • White finger clean with tissue and do the same with the next colour
  • Repeat the steps with all the colours until you have the desired amount of light bulbs
  • Join them together with the marker as if they were on a light string as in the picture

And ta-dah…you have you own home made gift card with colourful lights.