Bullying in Schools

Bullying gangs often become violent gangs that are involved in crime, so schools need to respond pro-actively to bullying to prevent it becoming gangsterism. Research shows that most children believe that when they report the bullying to an educator nothing is going to be done to stop it.

The Role of Educators with regards to Bullying

Educators have to help eliminate bullying. Following are some ideas:

  • Set an example by treating all children with respect. Never pick on a physical characteristic or a difference when disciplining a child. Teaching children to be assertive and boosting every child’s self-confidence will help them deal with bullies.
  • All schools should have an anti-bullying policy that seeks to protect all children. It is very important that learners know that all forms of bullying are totally unacceptable within the school.
  • It is also important to be aware of the needs of a child who is a bully. Bullying behavior is sometimes a sign that the bully is experiencing problems at home.
  • Indicate to a bully, that their behaviour is unacceptable. In addition, be prepared to work with the bully to help them find alternative ways of behaving.

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