DIY Crayon Candle

Holiday activity ideas for parents and their children by Childline South Africa.

No priority should be placed above the time and care we give to our children. Spend your holiday dedicating enough time with each child whether it be through crafts, showing them how to cook, out door activities or even reading them a story. This time is precious and these young years should be cherished. Childline South Africa is here to help our youth and their parents, we wish you a happy holiday and festive season.


With the year ending and our electricity shortages, why not create you very own candle from left over wax crayons.

You will need:

  • Any old wax or old white candle you no longer use
  • 1 candle wick/ piece of thick string
  • 1 clean jar (a peanut butter or jam jar)
  • Empty coffee/beans can (if doing multiple colours then will need multiple cans)
  • Wax crayons, with their labels taken off and broken into smaller pieces, separated by colours that you want to use.

How too:

  • Clean out the coffee can so no coffee remains. Allow to dry completely.
  • Put bits of the old candle wax in to the coffee can. Keep some aside if you are doing multiple colours
  • Add in the crayon pieces (NOTE: If you are making multi coloured candles then separate the colours and divide the old wax, you will need multiple tins then for each colour so as not to mix them)
  • Fill a pot or pan with about 1-2 inches of water. Place the coffee can with the wax in the water. Bring the water to a slow simmer over high heat. Reduce heat to keep water hot, but not bubbling at all.
  • Use an old spatula or spoon to mix the wax to help it melt. Allow the wax to melt completely.
  • Place a wick in the centre of the jar by tying it onto a pencil and balancing the pencil across the opening of the jar so the wick will hang down the middle. Carefully pour wax into the jar to desired level.
  • Pour the desired colour of the melted wax into the jar and allow to cool before adding the next colour, or else just use on colour and fill the jar to the top. You can even achieve multiple angles of wax if you balance the jar against a sturdy book and pour the wax so it sets at an angle
  • Cut the wick to desired length once all the colours are set.

You could even pair these homemade candles with your home made Christmas card as previously shown and have a wonderful gift for a loved one.

Please note: When working with heated surfaces or sharp objects, always ask an adult for help. Do not attempt to use these items on your own with out adult supervision!