What does our Helpline do?

The telephone has a special role in allowing children to communicate in their own way and their own time, allowing them to feel in control, freeing them to discuss dangers and difficulties in a way that would be far too risky in face to face contacts.

The helpline enables our counsellors to listen to thousands of children throughout the country to help them understand what they feel. Listening and helping also makes it possible to involve children and young people in planning their own futures and by recording and publishing their views and wishes to influence the lives of many more who are unable to talk on their own behalf.  Through the medium of the telephone we gain unique access to the lives and stories children and young people, while providing them with something special – a service that is truly their own.

The helpline is accessible, 24 hours a day and free from all networks, to children and adults with concerns about children and enables them to contact someone in an emergency situation. It allows children to express their concerns and talk about issues directly affecting them.

We provide lay counselling to our callers and if need be, in emergency situations, refer them to social workers (Department of Social Development/Child Welfare) and the police

When you are ready to reach out and talk to a counsellor, call us on our 24/7 helpline – 116 (We are free from all networks)