Crisis Line

The toll-free crisis telephone counselling line deals with hundreds of queries from children and adults. The line, which provides an invaluable educative service, receives calls relating to a wide variety of issues and problems including:

  • Abuse (physical, emotional, sexual);
  • Child Pornography;
  • Abuse at school by educators;
  • Abandonment;
  • Relationship problems (peers, parents, teachers);
  • Sexual problems and pregnancy;
  • Depression and attempted suicide;
  • Neglect; Financial problems;
  • Learning and educational problems;
  • Bullying; Harassment;
  • Homeless children; Begging;
  • Divorce, custody and access;
  • Sibling issues; Loneliness; Test calls.

The Childline Toll free number receives approximately 60000 to 90000 calls per month across all the provinces.